Kao Family Education Foundation (Taiwan)


The Kao Family Education Foundation (KFEF) is the Kao Family Foundation’s sister foundation in Taiwan. The KFEF helps contribute towards a more promising future for Taiwan by creating educational and civic programs to promote environmental, social and economic sustainable development.


HOPE: Hands-On Opportunities in Practical Education (Junior High School)

This program helps academically underperforming students build confidence through hands-on learning of trade-specific skill sets. The HOPE program also aims to help financially disadvantaged students acquire skills that are useful to building a professional career in the future.

CARE: Community Action and Resource Education (Senior High School)

This program allows underprivileged senior high school students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals while also learning the importance of helping others. 

Homemakers United Foundation (HUF)

Provides support for HUF’s program of Low-Carbon New Generation Climate Action Education to cultivate future chefs who cherish food by providing courses relevant to reducing food waste.

STEM Program

Develop creative science programs to promote the understanding of science through hands-on experimentation, and recruit local teachers and community members to assist in teaching science programs.

University Program

Sponsors universities to implement social responsibility programs that respond to the goals of sustainable development.

Institutional Program

Collaborates with institutions to create and sponsor projects aimed at sustainable environment, education, arts and culture.